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Tips for property owners facing an ATEX Enterprise Pipeline easement

ATEX Enterprise Pipeline Results

ATEX Enterprise Pipeline Impacts Ohioans

People in 13 Ohio counties will be affected by the ATEX Enterprise Pipeline project because their property is in the path of the ethane gas pipeline. Many might not be aware their land is targeted for the project, while others might have been contacted directly with offers of an easement. It is important that you take steps to understand the project, your rights and impact on your property.

If your property is within the location of the pipeline, you’ll be faced with granting easement agreements. Even if the payment you are offered seems enticing, you do not have to accept what is presented. In addition to getting the best payment possible, you need to consider safety, property restoration and tax implications. What you don’t know can lock you into something that is not in your best interest.

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Level The Playing Field

Companies involved in building the pipeline have attorneys and other experts on their team. You need your own experts. Contact Goldman and Braunstein if you want to:

  • Maximize your compensation.
  • Protect your financial, property and safety interests.
  • Have your own team of experts looking out for you.

We level the playing field by representing your interests during the easement review and negotiation. When you are approached by surveyors or company representatives, they will indicate a time schedule they want you to follow in signing the easement. Your schedule is not their schedule. There is no hurry to sign, despite pressure you might feel. You have a right to be compensated for the easement, any damage that occurs, or potential issues that could arise. When you get the right team on your side to level the playing field, you will get better results.

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Why Goldman & Braunstein

We get the best results. We are a resource, not a cost or an obligation. It is to your benefit to get a second opinion. We are that second opinion. We provide:

  • Objective advice and zealous advocacy.
  • Proven results.
  • Most experienced team of experts with absolutely no financial risk to you.

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William A. Goldman Michael Braunstein

The Goldman and Braunstein law firm has already begun settling some of the pipeline cases it is involved with.

The settlements have resulted in a better and fairer easement agreement, and in monetary compensation for the landowner. Without the involvement of Goldman and Braunstein, landowners would not have been able to obtain the agreement and compensation they did.

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We level the playing field for you. Just ask our clients.

  • “The Ohio Department of Transportation offered us $597,000 …  and the jury awarded us $1.67 million. Our attorneys had their ducks in a row.”
  • “Goldman & Braunstein were not only effective in elevating the City’s offer from $117,000 to $215,000, but they were, from the outset, concerned about our well-being.”
  • “Because of our attorneys’ preparation, we were able to settle the case at an increase of 209%.”



Map of ATEX Enterprise Pipeline Route in Ohio

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Based in Columbus, we serve clients in all Ohio counties and communities impacted by the ATEX Enterprise Pipeline project, including Butler, Clinton, Coshocton, Fairfield, Fayette, Greene, Harrison, Jefferson, Licking, Muskingum, Pickaway, Tuscarawas and Warren counties.